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Hi, I'm Erkan.

I reside in Portmarnock, Dublin, and have accumulated extensive experience as a software development specialist, having worked in various companies. My primary focus has been on developing web applications and services using .NET languages.Throughout my career, I have successfully delivered a diverse range of web applications, including websites, CRM systems, CMS platforms, sales programs, e-commerce solutions, and web services utilizing SOAP, WCF, and REST technologies. My expertise encompasses object-oriented programming, C#, MVC, Entity Framework, as well as databases such as MsSql, MySql, and Sqlite. I am well-versed in client-side technologies like JavaScript, Angular.js, and Bootstrap, with proficiency in version control systems such as Git and TFS.In addition to my professional endeavors, I passionately pursue personal projects, crafting web applications using open-source languages on Linux and Unix systems, specifically Python. This allows me to expand my skill set and explore new possibilities.Beyond the realm of programming, I hold a keen interest in web technologies, and I find solace and inspiration in nature. Swimming and snorkeling are activities I thoroughly enjoy, connecting me with the serene beauty of the aquatic world.In a broader sense, I aspire to contribute to a world that embraces more freedom and equality. If you'd like to learn more about me, feel free to reach out.

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